There are many beneficial resources that can help people with PD, caregivers, and family members.

National Parkinson Foundation

Offers Helpline, Aware in Care Kit, free downloadable information, discussion forums

Parkinson’s Awareness World Wide (PAWW)
A support group for people with PD, with members from around the world.

Parkinson’s Exercise Page
An offshoot of PAWW. The Parkinson’s exercise page (PAW) is an open forum for people with Parkinson’s disease, family members and care takers, to discuss the benefits of exercise.

Healthy Eating and Parkinson’s Disease
An offshoot of PAWW. Discussion, posts on nutrition-related news, and files with recipes and noteworthy information related to nutrition.

Defeat Parkinson’s
Parkinson’s doctor, caregiver, patient, research advocate Parkinson’s coach, & author of Parkinson’s Diva

Parkinson’s Disease and the Art of Moving
John Argue
Training workshops, books and videos

Parkinson’s People
To Promote Parkinson’s Disease
To Connect Sufferers, Carers, Health Professionals, Researchers and Charities.
Offer Support. Help Find A Cure.

DopaMind Boxing
Dedicated to serving the immediate and greater southern Nevada Parkinson’s and Fitness community.

Sherryl Klingelhofer
Master Trainer, specialist in PD

I am a certified master fitness trainer, Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance instructor and qigong energy and heart teacher…all of which show up in my “Notes” and videos in one form or another. • I use my timeline to post exercises, principally for Parkinson’s, but often appropriate for dystonia (and more!) If you click open my “Notes” (link below) you will open pages of Parkinson’s specific exercises, products and other information you may not find on other sites. You can find practices for vocal, masking, balance, YOPD, aquatics for PD and more. You can always suggest exercise/moving topics and I’ll re-post or come up with a new post for the subject…many of my posts are from special requests! Just use my wall or message me…
Videos on YouTube:

Delay the Disease – Exercise & Parkinson’s
Helping manage PD through exercise
Classes, books and DVDs

Eating Utensils

Ergonomic plastic fork, spoon and knife. evoOTware. These revolutionary utensils will allow anyone with difficulty using standard utensils to gain independence and freedom from pain. Also a release for caregivers.