Foods That Feed the Brain — Let’s Cook!

Let’s Cook to Fight PD!

Foods that feed the brain
Foods that feed the brain

We need foods that feed the brain. We need foods that fight PD. No matter how perfect your medication regimen, how diligently you exercise, one fact is absolutely true — to be healthy, your brain and body need healthful food. The cells that make up your brain, nerves, blood, bones, skin, and other organs are constantly dying, and must be replaced. And, we need the power of high-quality protein, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and phytochemicals to support and maintain our healthy tissues and organs – including the brain and nervous system.

Where are the building materials we need to create new cells? These building materials are found in our foods — protein, healthful fats, vitamins, minerals, are found in food. But to get them, we must choose our foods wisely. Junk food, very highly-processed foods, refined foods are stripped of the nourishment we need to build healthy new cells and maintain the resiliency to fight off disease.

Fish - rich in omega-3 fatty acids
Fish – rich in omega-3 fatty acids

Parkinson’s disease brings with it new challenges. PD is stressful, and stress creates damaging free radicals that slowly cause damage to our cells, including nerve cells. This increases risk for further diseases such as cancer, atherosclerosis, diabetes, and dementia. Foods rich in natural antioxidants destroy free radicals and prevent such damage. Some even appear to be neuroprotective. In this blog, we will focus on recipes using such foods.

We will also focus on areas of importance in PD: Ease and speed of preparation; foods that support the brain and nervous system; recipes for people who cannot chew easily; high-fiber foods to help with constipation; dishes that don’t require eating utensils for those who have difficulty managing forks, spoons, and knives; snack foods; breakfast foods; and gluten-free and dairy-free foods for those who are sensitive. You can search using the following tags:

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